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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Buddleia blessings

I wandered my garden barefoot today needing to connect to Nature & shake off the stress of the week.  My beautiful pink buddleia bush called me to her & drew me to her heart.

She showed me some of the spirits she was nurturing & offered to nurture me too.  I stepped close to her & quietly soaked up her energies & just as the butterflies & bees were thankful for her sweet nectar I was grateful to her for feeding my soul.

I left her side to light incense for some barefoot meditation & was taken on a journey skywards with the bees & butterflies.  I felt light & free, carried on soft breezes.  It was just the release I needed.

This evening I was careful to make sure I watered my buddleia especially well & soon I will have some 'liquid gold' from my wormery to feed her in return.

May Buddleia blessings be with you too xxx

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