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Friday, 24 June 2011

My heart flower

At the time of May's Full Moon beautiful Jackie at Essence of Wild invited subscribers to the Essence of Wild newsletter to open their hearts to the heart healing of a flower.  It felt very apt as at that time a particular rose in my garden had been calling to me.  I had felt compelled to collect her petals for drying as each bloom began to fade.  As I connected more deeply to my beautiful rose I understood what she was trying to give to me.  A few things were difficult in my life at the time, things that I'd had to be a little tough to cope with.  The rose invited me to dive deep into her heart & as she wrapped me in her petals I felt her softness begin to take away the jagged edges I'd built around myself as part of my coping mechanism.  My heart chakra felt restored.  I felt strengthened.  My rose told me never to regard my natural soft heartedness as weakness.

I've always very much been an animal person, but just recently my senses have become more & more aware of plants & their incredible healing power.  As a consequence I have felt more balanced & therefore more at peace with myself.  I spend more time really looking at plants & trees, seeing the way they blossom, fruit & seed.  Running my fingers through grass, leaves & petals & absorbing their wonderful energies.  Leaning my forehead against a tree or full on hugging one like a dear friend.  I've started to open to their spirit & I hope that soon, with practice & a little meditation I will be able to connect as easily to plants as I do to animals.

Very special thanks to Jackie & Jason at Essence of Wild, Hen at Heart & Soil, Caroline at Emotionalhealing4animals & Victoria at Scrummycupcake's Blog for starting me on my journey with aromatherapy & plant/flower healing.  xxx

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